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The corporate and financial world is a complicated web of regulations. When regulations and honorable business practices are not adhered to, shareholders or owners can suffer from major financial losses or other substantial damages. Our experienced litigation attorneys provide legal assistance in many different areas that involve matters related to business, investment and securities. Whether you are an investor, shareholder or consumer, our firm can provide you with the litigation services you need to protect yourself and your financial assets in arbitration or court. We also provide legal services to corporations and others that might be subject to legal actions - we represent both plaintiffs and defendants. 

​At Lasky & Rifkind, Ltd., we are not strangers to obtaining big-time results for our clients, for whom we aggressively advocate. Our attorneys have successfully tried or prosecuted numerous cases, many resulting in multi-million dollar awards or settlements. For example, in 2007, we successfully negotiated a $298.5 million settlement on behalf of our client against a major accounting firm. We have been retained as "settlement counsel" in dozens of cases with billions of dollars at issue on behalf of private equity, public and private companies which have ultimately settled. Leigh Lasky and Norman Rifkind litigate matters in jurisdictions throughout the country, in both state and federal courts.

​Lasky & Rifkind, Ltd. is able to assist clients with a diverse set of needs. We provide representation in business litigation, whether that arises from contract disputes or breaches of partnerships agreements. Some business litigation cases involve claims of professional malpractice. These are claims that a certain professional - such as an accountant, attorney, or broker - carried out negligent or inappropriate conduct that harmed the client in some way (usually financially).

​Among the cases we handle are those involving securities arbitration, which serves as a way of resolving legal matters that involve disputes between investors and brokers. Cases that might be handled in this type of arbitration include those with claims of negligence, stockbroker fraud and misrepresentation, among other types of claims.

Along with individuals, we are additionally equipped to litigate cases that involve large groups of individuals. These might be class action litigation cases (usually carried out by consumers or those claiming to be victims of securities fraud) or derivative litigation. Derivative litigation occurs when corporate shareholders take legal matters into their own hands - particularly when they feel certain officers or directors within the corporation are causing a threat to the business entity in some way. This type of litigation involves the shareholders filing a lawsuit to enforce some type of action to prevent or remedy the threat. The shareholders usually carry out this action on behalf of the actual corporation in order to protect its interests. You can learn more about the various types of cases our firm handles by meeting with one of our attorneys.

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When dealing with important issues that affect your financial stability or the stability of your corporation, you need to make sure you turn to legal professionals who are highly knowledgeable and who have track records of success. By reading about some of the many notable cases we have handled and the significant results we have obtained for clients in the past, you will be able to see that we have had our share of big wins and we are not afraid to take on large and complex cases.

Lasky & Rifkind, Ltd. has office locations in Chicago and New York, and we provide top-quality representation to individuals throughout the country. By turning to our firm, you can rest assured that you are working with attorneys who are dedicated to helping you obtain the best outcome possible. Don't hesitate to contact the attorneys at our firm so they can listen to your concerns, review the facts of your case and advise you of the most beneficial course of action in your particular situation. We want to help you protect your best interests!

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